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Guildford, United Kingdom
2D/3D Artist, VFX Artist, LinkedIn

9. Februar 2018

Character Armor Transition Effect

Done for Fantasy Strike's Fig Campaign

14. Juni 2016

8. Februar 2013

Bunny Girl

Für die Mod Scintilla, gebaut nach einer Zeichnung von David Müller

25. Mai 2012


some concepts for "darksiders 2 weapon contest"

20. Dezember 2011

El Chevaliero - Lowpoly Gunslinger

untextured at 1024 tris, good to animate

18. Dezember 2010


my final entry for the Pre Dominance War V:


15. Dezember 2010

hello world!

This is my new blog, where I will post my graphical stuff. If you come back later, there may be more to see. So if you like it, stay tuned!